David Sylvian "Do You Know Me Now?"


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Do You Know Me Now?
Where's Your Gravity?

A one-time pressing of a limited edition 10” vinyl release from David Sylvian and the samadhisound label.

Earlier this year, David was invited to participate in an installation by the visual artist Phil Collins, entitled “My heart’s in my hand, and my hand is pierced, and my hand’s in the bag, and the bag is shut, and my heart is caught” (after Genet).

A number of musicians were given, with the consent of those using the phone, anonymously recorded telephone conversations from a booth housed in a homeless centre in the centre of Cologne, from which to construct a composition of their choosing incorporating the text either directly or indirectly as each participant saw fit.

The resulting work was played back in specially designed listening booths in the museum itself. The conversations that david received resulted in the song “Do You Know Me Now?”, released for the first time on the samadhisound label on 10” vinyl and as digital files.

The A-side is backed by a re-mastered version of the song “Where’s Your Gravity?”, which first appeared on the EMI compilation A Victim of Stars. The package is beautifully designed by Chris Bigg, and each mail ordered copy will be signed by David himself.

The installation was successfully housed in the Museum Ludwig, Cologne, from April 18 through to July 21 2013, and will travel further afield later in the year.

Full details for this release may be read at www.davidsylvian.com/doyouknowmenow

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