Live Performances

"In Praise of Shamans - an 80 day tour of the World"
March to June 1988. Featuring Robby Aceto, Richard Barbieri, Mark Isham, Steve Jansen, Ian Maidman, and David Torn. Set and lighting designed by Russell Mills and David Buckland.

"The First Day"
A tour of Japan (March 1992) and Italy (June 1992). In collaboration with Robert Fripp. Featuring Trey Gunn. Lighting design by Haruki Kaito.

"The Road to Graceland '93"
A world tour - October to December 1993. In collaboration with Robert Fripp. Featuring Trey Gunn, Pat Mastelotto, and special guest Michael Brook. Lighting design by Haruki Kaito. Merchandising design by Vaughan Oliver.

"Slow Fire - a Personal Retrospective"
A short season of solo performances in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland, England, and North America - Aug/Sep '95 and Oct/Nov '95.

"Everything And Nothing"
A tour of Japan and Europe (September to October 2001) and North America (May 2002). Featuring Steve Jansen, Keith Lowe, Timothy Young and Matt Cooper. Merchandise images by Shinya Fujiwara.

"Fire in the Forest"
2003/04 - a tour of Europe, Russia and Japan featuring Steve Jansen and with a live mix of video images by Masakatsu Tagaki.

"The World is Everything"
2007 - a tour of Europe, Hong Kong and Japan featuring Steve Jansen, Keith Lowe, and Takuma Watanabe with lighting designed by Haruki Kaito

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Live Performances