David Sylvian - "Everything & Nothing"


Virgin CDVD 2897

The Scent Of Magnolia
Heartbeat (Tainai Kaiki II)
Albuquerque (Dobro # 6)
The Golden Way
Ghosts (Japan)
Pop Song
Every Colour You Are
God's Monkey
Let The Happiness In
I Surrender
Thoroughly Lost To Logic
Come Morning
Jean The Birdman
Cover Me with Flowers
The Boy With The Gun
River Man
Aparna and Nimisha (Dobro #5)
Midnight Sun
Some Kind Of Fool
Cries and Whispers
Laughter & Forgetting
Buoy (remix)
Weathered Wall
Bamboo Houses
The Scent Of Magnolia
Blinding Light Of Heaven
The Scent Of Magnolia
Brilliant Trees

David's approach to the proposition of a compilation album spanning some 20 odd years with Virgin Records was to create an overview of the multiple directions in which his work had taken him during that period. Focusing entirely on vocal compositions this double album also included a wealth of previously unreleased material ('The Scent of Magnolia', 'Ride', 'Cover Me With Flowers' among others) along with a number of remixes. A wonderful starting point for newcomers to David's work. The album was released in October 2000.

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