Wandermüde and Amplified Gesture


As of today, both Wandermüde and Amplified Gesture may be pre-ordered from the samadhisound shop. Anyone pre-ordering Wandermüde from the samadhisound shop, will receive a free download of the entire album as 320kbps mp3s (a download link will be found in the email confirmation from the store after purchase). For those wishing to purchase Wandermüde as either MP3s or FLAC files, these are also available as of now.

David Sylvian’s experimental breakthrough Blemish sees a new interpretation in the album Wandermüde, by the remarkable electroacoustic musician Stephan Mathieu. Working from the instrumental source material, Mathieu brings us a new experience of the most stirring textures and darkest thoughts from this pivotal album.

Mathieu first collaborated with Sylvian at 2011’s Punkt festival in Kristiansand, Norway, when he performed a live remix of Sylvian’s ambient classic Plight and Premonition. Sylvian recently began work on an iOS application to display a collection of his digital photography. He invited Mathieu to develop an ambient score for the application, using material from 2003’s Blemish.

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Amplified Gesture, the deluxe edition of David Sylvian’s groundbreaking album Manafon, explores the journeys and philosophies of a select group of experimental musicians including Keith Rowe, Evan Parker, Eddie Prevost, Otomo Yoshihide, Toshimaru Nakamura and Christian Fennesz. It's an intimate, eloquent, captivating document of a thriving and endlessly renewable music scene.

Revised and re-visited, this DVD release features a new chapter, entitled ‘The Collective’, plus numerous extras including outtakes from interviews plus artist biographies. Also included on the disc is a short introductory film, written, directed and narrated by David Sylvian. ‘A Man of No Significance’ documents the journey and modus operandi of the Manafon recording sessions and the creative rationale for the production of the film.

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