Season greetings and news for the year ahead


We'd like to thank everyone who remained invested in Samadhisound in 2009. We're very grateful for your interest and support. We'd like to wish you the best for the holiday season, peace and prosperity for the year ahead. Please click here to download our cards designed, as always, by the talented Mr. Bigg.

Jan Bang releases his debut album with us in 2010. '...and Poppies from Kandahar' is marked by Jan's amazingly acute ear for sound design and his ability to create and sustain delicate, but powerfully evocative, moods of sonic and textural complexity. Some of you might be familiar with Jan's remix work for David Sylvian in collaboration with his Punkt partner, Erik Honoré. This team was also responsible for co- writing / producing Arve Henriksen's 'Cartography' (ecm). '... and poppies from Kandahar' could be seen as something of a companion piece to the latter featuring, as it does, contributions from Henriksen, Jon Hassell, Sidsel Endresen, Eivind Aarset and many more. Toshimaru Nakamura, a contributor to the album 'Manafon', brings both his improvisatory and compositional skills into focus on the beautifully minimal solo album 'Egrets'. Toshi played a pivotal role in developing the aesthetic that became the basis for the onkyo scene in Japan. He's since established himself as a mainstay of the free improv scene with his adopted 'no-input mixing board' and continues to perform and record with a great diversity of musicians annually, worldwide. With contributions from Arve Henriksen (tpt) and Tetuzi Akiyama (gtr), and executively produced by David Sylvian, 'Egrets' belies its improvisational beginnings via its distilled, opaque beauty. Some of the solo performances bring to mind early experiments in Frippertronics dialed three decades into the future. It's an album that surprises with its variety of tonal colours drawn from minimal resources.

We are also in the process of producing a strictly limited vinyl edition of 'Manafon'. A double album that will include the Japanese only released remix of 'Random Acts of Senseless Violence' by classical composer Dai Fujikura.

Updates on these and further releases in the new year.


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