Born in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) in 1970, Vincent Fournier grew up on the coast of Brittany, France. After undergraduate studies in Sociology and a Masters in Visual Arts (Montpellier 1994) he obtained the Diploma of the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles in 1997. His work is represented by a number of galleries and is regularly shown at international art fairs. Vincent Fournier currently lives and works in Paris.

Past Forward

‘My photographs are allegories of childhood dreams, echoing the feelings we had at play, to explore the unknown, the "floating world" of a reality mixed with fiction. I tell stories where the meaning is always at the periphery, intentionally moving back and forth between opposing forces: sense-nonsense, reality-fiction, organic-artificial, truth-illusion, right-wrong, whole-part... Because the future has also a past, I like to play with the perception of time, memory, and projection. It is somehow like an encounter between Jules Verne with his sense of wonder and Jacques Tati with his ironic and rational aesthetism.

I like the idea of finding beauty where least expected. Staging and recreating situations that blur the line between documentary and fiction, allowing me to interpret a familiar shape with a personal vision. I use enough narrative elements to stimulate, to create a possible scenario, but these remain incomplete, sometimes absurd, ironic, ambiguous, uncanny.

Scientific questioning has always nourished my work, more so for its poetry than the actual physics. Something like the invisible world around us that can't be seen though we know it exists. I have always been fascinated by the magical aspect of science which seems to reduce the complexity of the world to a few mathematical formulae: measuring the invisible, observing the mystery of the stars, approaching the world as a machine for living, questioning the frontier between the natural and the artificial… My fascination could certainly be related to the numerous afternoons I spent with my parents visiting the "Palais de la Découverte" in Paris, discovering their amazing scientific installations.

As such, each scientific pattern is also very powerful and seductive in terms of aesthetics. Major influences on my work can be found in the movies "2001, a Space Odyssey" directed by Stanley Kubrick and its Russian counterpart "Solaris" from Andrei Tarkovsky. They are like the two sides of a same coin.

The universe is not as perfectly organized as our machines. It acts irrationally, in chaotic, violent, and mysterious ways.  Whilst we perpetually peel the skin off of reality, it continues to remain a mystery.’

Vincent Fournier