The Good Son vs The Only Daughter


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1. the only daughter
Remixed by Ryoji Ikeda
Featuring: Fabienne Dussenwart: Flute.
Pascal Moreau: French Horn, Wibert Aerts: Violin,
Donminica Eyckmans: Viola, Jean-Paul Zanutel: Cello,
Ryoji Ikeda: Piano.

2. blemish
Featuring: Hayden Chisholm: Clarinet.
Remixed by Burnt Friedman

3. the heart knows better
Remixed by Sweet Billy Pilgrim
Featuring: Alphonse Elsenburg: Clarinet.

4. a fire in the forest
Remixed by Readymade FC

5. the good son
Remixed by Yoshihiro Hanno

6. late night shopping
Remixed by Burnt Friedman
Featuring Hayden Chisholm: Clarinet.

7. how little we need to be happy
Remixed by Tatsuhiko Asano

8. the only daughter
Remixed by Jan Bang and Erik Honore
Featuring: Nils Petter Molvaer: Trumpet.

9. blemish
Remixed by Akira Rabelais

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