Steel Cathedrals (Second Issue), 1989 Virgin

Preparations For A Journey (video version)
The Women At The Well
Steel Cathedrals

Steel Cathedrals (First Issue), 1985 Virgin

Steel Cathedrals

Preparations For A Journey (Second Issue), 1985 Victor (Japan)

Preparations For A Journey (video version)
The Women At The Well
The Women At The Well (Version)
Pilenze Pee (traditional)
Kalimankon Denkon (traditional)
Showing The Wound


The World Is Everything tour brochure

This limited edition brochure which accompanies The World is Everything tour features a selection of photographs by David, many of which can be found elsewhere on this website, plus a sampler CD of material from the SamadhiSound label including a track from Steve Jansen's 'Slope' and two exclusive tracks by David.

1: David Sylvian, The World Is Everything

2: Thomas Feiner & Anywhen, Siren Song
Taken from the forthcoming album 'The Opiates - Revised'
Cat No: Sound CD SS013

3: Harold Budd, Chrysalis Nu
Taken from the album 'Avalon Sutra'
Cat No: Sound CD SS004

4: Steve Jansen Featuring Tim Elsenburg, Sleepyard
Taken from the forthcoming Steve Jansen album 'Slope'
Cat No: Sound CD SS012

5: David Sylvian, Sleepwalkers

6: Nine Horses, Atom And Cell
Taken from the album 'Snow Borne Sorrow'
Cat No: Sound CD SS006

7: Akira Rabelais, 1382 Wycliff Gen. Ii. 7
Taken from the album 'Spellewauerynsherde'
Cat No: Sound CD SS003

8: Nine Horses, Get The Hell Out - Remix
Taken from album 'Money For All'
Cat No: Sound CD SS010

9: Masakatu Takagi Featuring David Sylvian, Exit/Delete

10: Harold Budd, Templar
Taken from album 'Perhaps'
Download Release Only

11: David Toop, Heating And Cooling - Edit
Taken from album 'Sound Body'
Cat No: Sound CD SS011

Fire In A Forest - Trophies III

Tour brochure / lyric book

Trophies 2, 1999 Opuim (Arts) Ltd

Lyric book

David Sylvian / Russell Mills: Ember Glance, 1991 Venture

CD & book in a box The Beekeeper's Apprentice

Trophies, 1988 Opuim (Arts) Ltd

Lyric book

Perspectives - Polaroids 82/84, 1984 Opuim (Arts) Ltd / Hoh Hondo 1985

Limited edition book

Commissioned Works

The score of "Kin" a show devised by Gaby Agis and Kate Blacker, premiered at the Almeida Theatre, London, Sep 1987.
A contribution to the score of "Don't trash my altar, don't alter my trash", a show devised by Gaby Agis and Bill Culbert, premiered at the Riverside Studios, London, November 1988.
"Ember Glance (the permanence of memory)" - in collaboration with Russell Mills. Warehouse Installation. Shinagawa, Tokyo - September 1990.
"Redemption - approaching silence" - in collaboration with Robert Fripp, Haruki Kaito, Adam Lowe. A Multi-media Installation at P3 art and environment, Tokyo - August-October 1994.

Live Performances

"In Praise of Shamans - an 80 day tour of the World" - March to June 1988. Featuring Robby Aceto, Richard Barbieri, Mark Isham, Steve Jansen, Ian Maidman, and David Torn. Set and lighting designed by Russell Mills and David Buckland.
"The First Day" - A tour of Japan (March 1992) and Italy (June 1992). In collaboration with Robert Fripp. Featuring Trey Gunn. Lighting design by Haruki Kaito.
"The road to graceland '93" - A World tour - October to December 1993. In collaboration with Robert Fripp. Featuring Trey Gunn, Pat Mastelotto, and special guest Michael Brook. Lighting design by Haruki Kaito. Merchandising design by Vaughan Oliver.
"Slow Fire - a personal retrospective" - a short season of solo performances in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland, England, and North America - Aug/Sep '95 and Oct/Nov '95.
"Everything And Nothing" - a tour of Japan and Europe (September to October 2001) and North America (May 2002). Featuring Steve Jansen, Keith Lowe, Timothy Young and Matt Cooper. Merchandise images by Shinya Fujiwara.

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